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Corporate Events
May 25, 2018
Luludi Living Art Lobby Red Planter
May 29, 2018


Invest in the health of your workspace with an all natural selection of plants that will make your staff happy, reduce stress and noise, and increase productivity. Need more reasons? Call us for a consultation.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a Luludi designed workspace. Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants. Bringing lush plant life into the work environment invigorates the space and adds a grounding and harmonious aesthetic.

Provide therapy for the senses by adding some tactile and visual components, all tied to nature, to your office. Studies suggest many common indoor plants remove toxic agents from the air while producing oxygen for a more healthy environment. From conference room accents to living walls, Luludi can help make your office space a healthier and more productive work place.