About Us

Inspired by nature, Luludi Living Art designs artful creations as unique as nature itself. From planters to terrariums to zen gardens, Luludi designs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

With a mission to design living sculptures that create a harmonious balance with their environment, Luludi uses a wide assortment of easy-care and healthful plants. From fun to funky, feng shui to modern elegance, Luludi offers a creative and healthful design solution suited to any style.

"Luludi", Greek for flower, was inspired by wall gardens its owner, Liza Fiorentinos, admired during her years living in Paris. Upon returning to the states, Liza transformed her passion for green art into Luludi Living Art. Luludi is the go-to living design source for the tri-state area and beyond with an expansive ecommerce store and our headquarter in Astoria, NY.

Terrarium Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Bring your team together for a fun, creative experience. No trust falls required. It’s everything a great day our should be; friends, snacks, and laughter. Plus, you’ll create succulent-filled terrariums along with the memory of a unique day either on-site or virtually.

We can arrange terrarium workshops for clients, vendors, employees, and colleagues. Each workshop may be fully branded with the company's logo, or the client's product details, and every terrarium comes with a gift box, bag and care instructions that may include branded materials. To discuss terrarium-making events or corporate gifting, please contact liza@luludi.net or call 1.888.958.5834

How It Works

During our onsite or virtual workshop, an instructor will give a step-by-step tutorial on how to create their own terrarium. After a brief introduction, your team will be guided through the entire process of building a terrarium; how to layer the sand, charcoal, and/or soil, then planting a live succulent, and lastly decorating it. We will provide simple plant care and watering instructions. At the end of the session, team members will enjoy showing off their unique creation!

For virtual workshops, DIY terrarium kits are shipped to each team member with ample time before the scheduled workshop and will include an instruction card on how to care for your plant before the event.

Event Design

Special Events

At Luludi, we understand that the right atmosphere can transform an event from ordinary to extraordinary. We strive to create an event’s ambiance and atmosphere that inspires your guests to relax, enjoy themselves, and partake in the festivities. Our event designers want your next event to inspire, surprise, and impress.

Luludi will craft personalized designs to enhance your event experience: engagement and wedding parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, tea parties, reunions, or any day that is special to you. We can accommodate a wide variety of event details, tricky layout specifications, and unique design requests.

Corporate Events

We offer event design services your businesses can trust. Our event designers strive to create events that inspire a positive, creative and visceral response from guests the minute they arrive. Whatever aesthetic you envision, our event designers will create a living natural style suited to your venue for a truly memorable experience.

Luludi offers more than event design. Our event services include everything from the unconventional requests unique to corporate outings to terrarium classes for team building or client rewards.

Interior Design


Welcome your guests and employees to a lobby with an interior garden as its centerpiece. Framing landscape as art, we strive to bring the natural environment back into our built environment. Bringing greenery indoors as an artful focal point in building lobbies is a positive design trend with many healthful benefits.

From green walls to potted plants and terrariums, living art lends a softness that transforms interior spaces so they feel much more human. It feels warm and inviting, it produces oxygen and it sets up the experience of a relaxing oasis. Working with the concept of biophilia, humans' innate affinity with nature, Luludi will work with you to incorporate living art into your environment.


Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a Luludi designed workspace. Nothing transforms office spaces quite like plants. Bringing lush plant life into the work environment invigorates the space and adds a grounding and harmonious aesthetic.

Provide therapy for the senses by adding some tactile and visual components, all tied to nature, to your office. Studies suggest many common indoor plants remove toxic agents from the air while producing oxygen for a more healthy environment. From conference room accents to living walls, Luludi can help make your office space a healthier and more productive work place.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

With a holistic design discipline, we understand the complex relationship between the natural and the built environment. With that understanding we design landscapes that create memory and meaning through human interaction with our living art spaces.

Studies show people tend to be healthier and happier, and can enjoy longer lives, in areas where they have access to nature, including green urban spaces. From exterior landscapes, rooftop gardens and moss walls to potted plants and terrariums, bringing natural elements into your space creates a warm and inviting environment. Luludi can assist you in that effort with landscape design services that include concept design, project management, cost estimates, budgeting, installation and maintenance.

Moss Walls

Create a soothing and meditative indoor space with a hand-crafted Moss Wall Garden. Simple, green and maintenance free, our natural moss will maintain its soft textures, intricate details and vibrant colors for many years to come.

Each delicate design will bring a calming experience into your environment. Custom built to your specifications, each piece is perfectly unique with each accidental or happenstance natural element creating a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted wall of art. And unlike living plant walls which require light and water, moss walls don’t require maintenance — making it the perfect green solution for busy people on the go, and rooms starved of natural light.