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luludi press

Forever in search of the perfect gift? Search no further than Luludi Living Art ~ the gift that keeps on living. Inspired by nature, Luludi designs artful creations as unique as nature itself. From planters to terrariums to zen gardens, luludi gifts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Luludi, Greek for flower, was inspired by wall gardens its owner, Liza Fiorentinos, admired during her years living in Paris. Upon returning to the states, Liza transformed her passion for green art into Luludi Living Art. With an expansive ecommerce site and two stores in New York City ~ one on Columbus Avenue in the upper west side and our headquarters in Astoria, Queens ~ Luludi is the go-to living design source for the tri-state area and beyond.

With a mission to design living sculptures that create a harmonious balance with their environment, Luludi uses a wide assortment of easy-care and healthful plants. From fun to funky, feng shui to modern elegance, Luludi offers a creative and healthful design solution suited to any style.

For more information about Luludi Living Art and our products please contact: liza@luludi.net

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