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what, you might wonder is a terrarium?

luludi living art terrariums are mini landscapes in glass with assorted plants and decorative elements.

that was easy

except ~ they are so much more

that was an easy explanation, but far from the whole story. terrariums possess many health benefits and infinite design possibilities.

plants are known to purify and humidify air, lower heart rates and blood pressure, reduce stress and sharpen mental focus. as the  huffington post reports, "research shows that keeping plants at our desks can boost our well-being at work — something that's desperately needed when we hit that 3 p.m. slump each day. plus, there's a plethora of research showing that spending time in nature or amidst the color green can lift our moods and boost creativity. with so many perks, why not bring those benefits indoors?"

besides quantifiable health benefits, the aesthetic pleasure of terrariums add another dimension to their value. available in styles to suit any taste, our terrariums are designed to achieve balance and harmony with their environment. interested in discovering your own terrarium style? visit us,  online or at one of our two nyc stores, and explore our terrarium collections.

designed for home and office, luludi living art contain easy care plants that require little attention other than admiration for their beauty.

give a gift that keeps on living!

free shipping thru july 6th

put some green in your home and walletwith our limited time offer of free shipping keep some greenbacks in your wallet while adding some green to your home or office with luludi living art natural designs. good for any purchase over $85 including our terrariums, planters, and living frames. designed for home and office, luludi living art contain easy care [...]

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awaken your potential with zen gem crystal terrariums

awaken your potential with zen crystals imagine your possibilities with zen gem terrariums crystals have a long tradition of being a highly effective way to promote health and healing. combined with a plant, they can boost your energy, clean your space, attract wealth, enhance your intuition, increase mental abilities, boost your confidence, bring abundance, or even attract love. luludi living [...]

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announcing luludi's new partnership

we've got the upper west side covered with chic terrariums and fashionable clothesthink closet and luludi living art are combining their creative design sensibility into one shopping experience for chic terrariums and clothes in the same boutique. visit us at 324a columbus avenue (between 75th-76th streets) to shop from a new line of summer shifts amid an enchanted [...]

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you're invited to our grand opening!

stop by & share in our excitement at luludi's new upper west side boutique 324A columbus avenue, new york, ny 10223 (between 75th & 76th streets)easily accesible on columbus avenue between 75th and 76th streets, come by and be the first to see our brand new displays of our latest living designs.both in our boutiques and online, luludi [...]

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new luludi big apple location

new luludi living art location in manhattan's upper west side 324A columbus avenue, new york, ny 10223 (between 75th & 76th streets)we are excited to announce the launch of our new terrarium & living art boutique in new york's upper west side. easily accesible on columbus avenue between 75th and 76th streets, luludi creates unique gift alternatives to [...]

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last minute mother's day gifts

make this a mother's day to remember with a unique living gift from luludi explore our mother's day collection for memorable gift ideas for mom take your mother's day gift from good to great with living art that will leave you both feeling warm and fuzzy inside. help mom relax with a  zen garden, energize her with an aromatic terrarium or [...]

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nyc spring crafts fair on columbus

spring into action and enjoy a fresh air festival of art visit luludi living art at the 2015 nyc columbus crafts fair now that spring is finally here, take advantage of all the city has to offer with a fun all day weekend event. stroll the booths, nibble on treats and explore our living gifts just in time for [...]

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magical enchanted forest terrariums

enchanted forest terrariums artfully designed for home or office magical sanctuaries of verdant succulents and moss step onto a path of enchantment with our magical  enchanted forest terrariums. lose yourself in these lush landscapes of succulents and moss while enjoying their healtful benefits. as reported by huffpost, living plants do more than just cleanse the air, they can boost your mood, [...]

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hippity hoppity easter terrarium

hippity hoppity easter hunt for holiday terrariums celebrate the easter holiday with colorful spring gardens find all the easter gifts your hunting for at luludi living art. our large collection of spring terrariums and planters will add elegance to your celebration, or have them delivered as meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones. shop our hippity hoppity easter garden and create lasting memories [...]

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