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enchanted forest terrariums

artfully designed for home or office

enchanted forest terrariums

magical sanctuaries

of verdant succulents and moss

step onto a path of enchantment with our magical  enchanted forest terrariums. lose yourself in these lush landscapes of succulents and moss while enjoying their healtful benefits. as reported by huffpost, living plants do more than just cleanse the air, they can boost your mood, keep you focused and even help you sleep better.

each  enchanted forest is a magical sanctuary of artful design full of assorted plants amid natural stones and crystals in a handblown glass vase. explore our current selection of blue ice succulent forestblue ice succulent gladebuddha succulent forest and our succulent stone forest. or let us help you create your own safe haven with a custom designed enchanted forest for you or a friend. just call 1.888.958.5834 or email us to discuss your design ideas.

designed for home and office, luludi living art contain easy care plants that require little attention other than admiration for their beauty.

give a gift that keeps on living!

hippity hoppity easter terrarium

hippity hoppity easter hunt for holiday terrariums celebrate the easter holiday with colorful spring gardens find all the easter gifts your hunting for at luludi living art. our large collection of spring terrariums and planters will add elegance to your celebration, or have them delivered as meaningful gifts to friends and loved ones. shop our hippity hoppity easter garden and create lasting memories [...]

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gift a lucky lotus terrarium

awaken your spirit with a lotus terrarium attract health, harmony and luck to your home or office sacred among many of the world's cultures, the lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening, enlightenment and self-awareness. our green ceramic lotus terrarium depicts a lotus flower fully bloomed and open with a large air plant set inside amid pearly white pebbles or black stones. [...]

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luludi hearts spring

share a springtime romance with lovable luludi terrariums pluck some heartstrings with luludi spring creations leave the winter behind and spring ahead with a bright and cheerful heart terrarium. a heartfelt gift, each cortet heart features a large easy-care juncea air plant flowing atop clear crystals and marbles and accented with colorful glass flowers. artistically designed, each glass vial is [...]

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artisanal indonesian wood terrariums

driftwood terrariums lush & succulent for spring tropical landscapes with indonesian style introducing the first in our new line of artisanal terrariums ~ java satu. featuring a bowl of recycled glass hand-blown directly into richly textured indonesian driftwood. each terrarium contains a lush assortment of seasonally available succulents and reindeer moss nestled amid beach stones atop sandy soil. our java satu [...]

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tabletop twosome air plant display

make it a double with a delightful tabletop twosome easy-care & eco-friendly air plants great gifts for home & officeour soul mate terrarium is a study in equilibrium with slim arcs of purple and green. each terrarium features two large air plants nestled atop matte mauve stones inside two glass cylinders. artistically suspended inside curved metal attached to [...]

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pastel ceramics just in time for spring

new pastel ceramic collection just in time for spring great gifts to spread spring cheer suitable for home & office our new line of ceramic terrariums in soft pastel colors have arrived just in time for spring. featuring easy-care air plants, each terrarium is an eye-catching tabletop accent suitable for any home or office. our ceramic eyelet bowl is filled [...]

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gift a heartful valentine terrarium

share a heartful gift living valentine terrariums seeking an original gift? send an artful terrarium & watch love grow a heartfelt living gift, our popular duet terrarium features a glass bowl suspended between two hearts welded together on top of a stone base. nestled amid lustrous clear glass marbles is an easy care air plant with a glass [...]

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succulent valentine bouquet terrariums

valentine bouquet succulent terrariums succulent & sumptuous luludi living gifts give a valentines day gift that keeps on growing with a deluxe assortment of sumptuous succulents. its sleek modern design in glass with burlap lace accent is sure to become a centerpiece of attention. both eco-friendly with easy care plants, this is a stunning gift that will be [...]

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share luck & love with feng shui terrariumS

yin yang valentine feng shui terrariums promote harmony & new energy with luludi living feng shui gifts our popular yin-yang terrarium comes in auspicous red and white, perfect for those seeking luck, love and new beginnings. inside an acrylic taijitu symbol, two green air plants bring healing, harmony and new energy. share healing and harmony with feng shui and zodiac [...]

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