About Services

luludi living art offers free design consultations

luludi offers clients free design consultations who are seeking to enhance their interior design space or special event with the beauty and healthful benefits of our natural designs.

We will custom design frames for the holidays or special events – such as our marguerite wedding table centerpiece.

Design centerpieces for weddings such as our succulent bouquet and succulent terrarium set.

Customize our decorative accents to color coordinate as party favors and/or unique table place cards — such as our emerald moss purse.

We offer both on-site New York tri-state area consultations and online design consultations.

Our luludi consultants will:

  • Utilize your color palette, space and personal style.
  • Assist you in choosing a living product and plant from our existing product line.
  • Or consult with you in the creation of a custom order to your design requirements.

We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients, so call us 1.888.9.luludi or email us info@luludi.net to discuss your design ideas and let’s get started!